Gert Kist Dutch, b. 1963


Photography is writing with light!

Photo artist Gert Kist (1963) acquired a reputation in 2013 with his printed images of men on weathered and gnarled wooden boards at Galerie Eduard Planting. As a photo artist, Kist has undergone an important development in recent years. The theme has changed and his photos have been given an extra layer both literally and figuratively. The ideal male body was central to his earlier work. In the new photo works, Kist plays with complementary contradictions, with what you see and what you don't see; symbolism from ancient times brought back to modern times. Beauty that won't last forever, light slightly involved in its relationship with darkness. The viewer must wonder what is actually happening with the person portrayed and that produces intriguing images. In combination with the high-quality finish of photos ,this gives the works of Kirst a unique character.