Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk Dutch, b. 1973


Beauty, for me, is to create an image where all the elements melt and then come together solidly.

Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk is a Dutch contemporary artist.

Her creative path began with liquid pigments and a brush, but, as life so often does, her path took her away from painting. In claiming space for her creative practice, Gemmy, picked up a camera and started experimenting. "This became a way for me to paint again" Through the manipulation of light and pixels, Gemmy began creating work that exists somewhere in-between painting and photography.

What happened to be the lighting conditions of 17th century, has become an aesthetic that layers velvet colours across a canvas of deep shadow and glinting highlights- to create an image full of shadow, light with a beautiful stillness in-between. "Beauty, for me, is to create an image where all the elements melt and then come together solidly.

To tell a story through the use of lines, light, colour, and, the contrast between them." Led by her intuition and an obsession to create; as if she was moving liquid pigments on a canvas, For Gemmy, each detail is lovingly obsessed over and refined- from the backdrops that she generally paints herself, to the costumes, setbuilding, styling and post production.

Gemmy's artworks become a depiction of real things not quite grounded in reality. Each of her painterly photographs expresses a beautiful stillness; a stillness existing between awake and asleep. Gemmy's works claim the spaces in-between with each work expressing a divine transition between the tradition of painting and photography, between the painters of the past and artists of today, between analogue details and digital pixels, between reality and fantasy, between the banal and the ideal, between light and shadow and between textured motion and pearlescent stillness. A modern story in the light of the past is born.