Water Echoes: Group exhibition in Haarlem

10 May - 22 June 2024

The group exhibition “Water Echoes” delves into the boundless depths of water, where every drop tells a story and every ripple carries a message. The exhibited artworks celebrate the connection between humanity and the natural world, and explore the ways in which water shapes our reality and perceptions.

From the tranquil stillness of reflective swimming pools to the tumultuous energy of crashing waves, each work of art captures a fleeting moment in water's ever-changing dance. Let the rhythmic tempo guide you on a journey of artistic exploration of Ria de Henau, Mischa Keijser, Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk, Joost Wensveen, Floor in 't Veld, Margot Maaskant and Lilian Steenhuisen.

Join us in our gallery in Haarlem, and discover the endless echoes of water within us all. 

Installation Views