Karen Winnubst Dutch, b. 1971


The insignificance of mankind, the structures of the clay and the trees, the colours, all these elements offer a true photographers' paradise in my eyes!

Karen Winnubst grew up as a real outdoor child, born in Namibia. Although she lived in the city, Karen was always outside. She spent the holidays on the rugged coast with its vast, deserted beaches and high sand dunes. The love for nature started there.

Karen's work consists of landscape photography, preferably in series, in which shapes and structures are important. Nature is central; overwhelming, rough and powerful, but at the same time also serene and tranquil, whereby the insignificance of mankind fascinates her. In nature, Karen feels at home. She collects (photographically) landscapes, of her own surroundings, the beach and the dunes, but she also likes to travel around the world to discover new landscapes.

Once at home, in her digital 'dark' room, Karen adds an extra creative layer to the images by combining different landscapes or playing with colours and structures. She paints, as it were, with her photography. With this she wants to intrigue the viewer and give the images her own signature.