Eric Ceccarini Belgian, b. 1965


I love paintings. I think I would have liked to be a painter myself.

Eric is a Belgian artist born in 1965. In his artistic works, he captures woman's essence and soul, transcending them. His work is exhibited in Belgium, France, the US, the Netherlands, Singapore, Beijing, Spain.


The Painters Project:

 Born from Eric's love of and attraction to painting and the desire to once more honour the female body in its pure beauty, "Painters" is a three-way collaboration between a photographer, a painter and a model. 


Each time, a different artist is asked to paint directly onto a model, thus using the body as a blank canvas. "I love paintings", explains Eric Ceccarini. "I think I would have liked to be a painter myself. So I wanted to work with that art form. I also wanted to enhance again the female nude in a way which suggests more than shows, evokes rather than reveals. I want to show that nudity can be beautiful without being vulgar."


The choice of the painter is often the result of an encounter, a connection and the subsequent desire to work together. Some painters prepare their ideas for months, while others dive headlong into the opportunity immediately. Some will take a day to paint, others just 30 minutes. And for most of them, they will be confronted with the challenge of creating something ephemeral on a moving canvas. Unlike a painting or a sculpture, their work is intended to disappear after a few hours, the only remaining trace being the photographs.


"What struck me the most in this work is the exchanges we have during the process. It is usually a very strong moment, an emotional moment, which happens in a very short period of time. The first brush strokes are usually shy, hesitant, as the painters are not used to painting on a female body. And then they get over it and let creativity take over."


Most of the pictures are shot with natural light.