Boudewijn Swanenburg Dutch, b. 1941


It is my passion to explore uncharted territory


Boudewijn Swanenburg (1941) received a PhD in Astrophysics from Leiden University. After a challenging scientific career in space research his innate curiosity has found a new outlet in photography.

Photography traditionally is about the subject, its context and its message. Boudewijn's innovative photographic process explores the world beyond the subject, approaching the viewer's private world.

He finds his subjects by carefully searching for concealed compositions created by nature. It is the hidden promise of form and structure of the subject that triggers his inspiration. The captured picture is just the starting point of a new creation process. By working with the shades of light, dark and color a new image gradually emerges in which the identity and the connotation of the subject no longer play a role and become completely absorbed in the abstractions of the image.

What the viewer observes relates above all to his own visual experience. Nature, photographer and spectator have jointly created a new world.