Anna Nunes Dutch, b. 1993


Sharing my experiences with the goodness of mankind

Anna Nunes is Dutch-Portuguese artist (1993), working and living in the Netherlands. She has a degree in Biology and a family’s background in international development aid, thanks to which she has come since a young age into contact with projects related to sustainability and community empowerment. This has allowed her to travel several times to different areas and communities in the world. In particular in the African continent. During her travels Anna experienced that people tend to help and support each other. Even in the most challenging situations, she came into contact with the tolerance, respect and caring of people. These experiences have shown her that human beings are fundamentally good.


She sais: "In my work, mainly paintings, I refer to my encounters and feelings with local communities and explore the possibilities of making my memories and emotions as tangible as possible. Here I have the goal to inspire people. Not only to enrich their own lives with positive experiences, but also to support a positive image of mankind in society."