John Nieland Dutch, b. 1966


The CoBrA movement has always inspired me, I work according to the same principle as the artists of this group. Paintings and drawings develop as in a trance, in my subconscious.

John Nieland (1966) was born in Baflo, Groningen and grew up in Friesland. At a young age he proved to have creative talent. Nieland attended the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam for only a short time. However, working according to academic methods hampered his free style, after which he decided to follow his own path. Nieland had a unique style with a strong tendency towards the abstract, expressive, uninhibited and surrealistic, inspired by art from the time of CoBrA. The colourful and often large dimensions of his work are characterised by thick layers of paint in which he captures emotions from the past. Because of the enormous layering the work is a lot more complex than a first sight would suggest and several paintings are often hidden under the surface. Each creation contains a piece of history, a story, an emotion, a secret, powerful and innovative. Artistic expression is a necessity of life for Nieland.