Harry Fayt Belgian, b. 1979

With Harry Fayt, you plunge literally and figuratively into a different artistic world, and it takes a while to catch your breath as you rise to the surface.

Originally from Charleroi in Belgium, Fayt grew up with a forbidden passion for water. In his childhood, he suffered from a chronic ear infection and his treatment kept him away from pools. He graduated in advertising photography in 1998. Guided by his second passion, music, Fayt travelled through Europe for years immortalizing artists for the music-related press. In 2006, he opened his portrait studio in Liège and invested in specialized underwater photo material. But public pools gradually became his main studio and he has been improving his technique ever since. He likes to push back the frontiers of a world he has invented for himself, always with the same objective: to question, to astonish, to widen the field of possibilities.